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Two SIMs + One Box + One Tariff 
= Zero Headaches
SmartConnect is the only solution which offers maximum coverage, instant failover, across two separate SIM networks – without having to sign separate operator contracts.
Using the latest 4G B+B SmartWorx router, SmartConnect increases your 4G/3G coverage and performance + neatly reduces your hassle and downtime. 

User Applications
Improve your Reach
and Reliability

Deploying multiple devices across a large geographic area, using only a single mobile network can result in dead spots, due to coverage issues. Backing up to a second mobile operator resolves these issues.  Applications include VMS, Traffic and Health to name a few. 

Data Intense

Retail, Rapid Deployment, CCTV and Digital Signage often utilise large amounts of data. Now you can share this data across multiple SIMs in a single device and across the whole estate. This gives you a reliable cost effective solution, avoiding the costs of 2 SIM contracts per device.
It's what the second SIM is for

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